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Blanket Production Process Introduction

Raw materials

The most important raw material for blankets is yarn.

The yarn of our factory is divided into bottom yarn and surface yarn according to the application. The bottom yarn is the yarn with no wool on the underside of the blanket, and the bottom yarn is the soft side with wool.


There are mainly two different weaving processes, which makes the different quality. One is warp knitting, commonly known as acrylic; the other weaving process is called Raschel, that are used in high quality blankets..

Usually, the first step of a blanket is to use professional equipment to weave the yarn into a blanket cloth. The weft knitting method is a traditional weaving method, which is to put a fixed specification of the yarn on the weft knitting machine, and weave the blanket loop by loop. The cloth woven by weft is relatively fluffy and needs to be cut and it needs to be shaped by styling glue.

The Weft Knitting Machine

Warp Knitting

Warp knitting is a weaving process that uses warp knitting machines. It is commonly known as invented by scientist Raschel and known as Raschel blanket. It is a more advanced weaving process at present. Warp knitting can make the woven cloth stronger, more hand-feel, and not easy to deform.

Firstly, use the above machine to twine the yarn to the pan head of the Raschel warp knitting machine.


The setting is mainly to determine the size of the blanket in the early stage. Since the cloth woven from the machine is relatively fluffy and the size is irregular, so a setting machine is needed. For example, if the customer needs 2 meters by 2 meters blanket, the setting machine can directly set the size of the blanket and thickness. The setting machine mainly determines the basic shape of the blanket and the setting glue is directly applied in the machine. After the setting process, the frame of the blanket is determined.

Put the bristle surface on the fluffing machine for brushing, brush the bristles at least twice to make the bristles not easy to fall off.

Ironing and cutting

Ironing is to use the ironing machine to trim the hairs of blanket. The ironing machine should be controlled at an appropriate temperature. The main function is to increase the feel of the hairy surface. The ironing and cutting process cannot be less than twice. It feels good to the touch after the ironing and cutting process. The white cloth process has been completed after the ironing and cutting.


Printing is the pattern and pattern provided by the customer. The pattern is printed on the white cloth with the printing plate. The raw materials for printing and dyeing are various colors. The color is adjusted by yourself. After the color is printed, the printing machine will process the printed pattern and wait for the next step.

High temperature lock color

The colored and printed blankets need to be locked in a high-temperature steam oven around 137 degrees to prevent color from fading.


After the high temperature treatment, the blankets are washed with a washing machine to remove the color and impurities at least two times.

After the high temperature treatment, the blankets are washed with a washing machine to remove the color and impurities at least two times.

After washing with water, perform another round of fluffing, Ironing and cutting.

Embossed and carve patterns

Embossing is to press the flower onto the blanket with an embossing machine according to the needs of the customer, and the carving is to adjust the texture on the blanket with the engraving machine, which makes the flower more three-dimensional.

Quality inspection

Artificial hemming

Automatic seaming and edging machine, the semi-finished product is wrapped as the finished product. If the customer needs to add a trademark and tag on the blanket, it is also completed in this process, and can provide the customer OEM services such as oblique label, washing label and other tags.

Setting machine fluffing


The current packaging method in the factory is compressed bag, carton, PVC packaging method for customers to choose.

Compressed bags are the most commonly used by sea shipping. A package of compressed bags can hold blankets weighing 96 kilograms. Generally, compressed bags are recommended for exporting business, which are cost-effective.

Compressed bag
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