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About Us


In 2010, the Warm World team began to make blankets in the form of a fabrication workshop.

In 2011, the factory was expanded and machines were introduced that could complete the production from knitting to finished product.

In 2012, our Group had a modern production base of nearly 100,000㎡,and an industrial park of 200,00㎡.

At the end of 2019, a worldwide epidemic virus broke out, countless industries received shocks and the global economy experienced a cold winter. Against this backdrop, we decided to make a brand that keeps the world warm and then the Warm world was born.

At the end of 2020, the Warm World brand officially began its global roll-out and promised to donate one cent to UNICEF for every blanket sold.

By now, Warm World has formed a comprehensive production enterprise with Raschel blankets, flannel blanket and prayer mat as its main products, bedding set, carpet and special textiles as newly research and development products.



As one of the few production-oriented textile enterprises in China, we have 700 workers, 104,000 ㎡ workshop,6 fully automatic Raschel production lines and 13 years of experience, from knitting to finished blanket manufacturing, from design innovation to domestic and for international sales, complete production equipment, professional international trade services, systematic production management, all of these have created our extremely competitive prices and quality that can stand the test of the market, so that we have gained customers from all over the world.

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Today, our international sales team members come from various countries to study abroad or have foreign work experience, with professional and rich experience in international trade services.

We regularly go into the production workshop together with the production department to communicate and operate and understand each production process.

Based on solid product knowledge with efficient and professional services, we provide a full range of export services to customers from Europe, the United States, Australia, West Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

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