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Different material, different blankets.

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Blankets are one of the bedding items that many friends like to use in winter. Because blankets are not only warm, they are also light and very comfortable to cover. However, there are many blanket materials, for friends who do not know, do not know which kind of blanket is good, and do not know which kind of blanket cost-effective, so the choice is caught in the tangle of not knowing which kind is good, and sometimes easy to choose by mistake.

A. What kind of blanket is good? Good blanket recommendation

  1. Woolen blanket

  Wool blankets are blankets made from wool. Because wool has good ventilation, an air flow layer can be formed between the gaps in the fibres underneath the wool surface, thus providing a more ideal constant temperature when the human body is sleeping. Wool blankets are warm and help to improve the quality of sleep.

  2. Raschel blankets

  The Raschel fabric itself is also a kind of acrylic, which is comfortable, breathable and warm, and is named after the Raschel weaving method. Raschel blanket feel lubricating and delicate, warm and breathable, bright colours, but also does not lose hair and fade, looks both beautiful and practical.

  3. Coral fleece blanket

  Coral fleece blankets are made from one of the newest and best-selling international textile fabrics. Coral fleece blankets have a strong water absorption, comfortable breathability, warmth and softness, feeling like lying on coral, hence the name coral fleece blanket. Coral fleece is fine, colourfast, easy to dye, flexible in contact and soft to the touch. However, it should be noted that coral fleece blankets are a bit hairy, skin allergy prone and asthma patients should avoid using.

B.The blanket purchase 4 tips

  1. Feeling

  Touch the blanket and see how it feels. A good blanket has a soft pile surface and feels comfortable. If the fabric is not well-dyed, it will feel rough and uncomfortable.

  2. Style

  No matter which material the blanket is made of, the style should be in line with our bedroom decoration, with a pleasant floral colour and an elastic wool surface.

  3. Size

  The size of the blanket depends on who is using it or what it is for. For example, domestic baby blankets are generally 90cmx110cm; children's blankets are generally 100cmx140cm; adults use 150cmx200cm, and taller ones can use 200cmx230cm or longer. Coral velvet if used as a bed sheet, 1.5m bed can choose 1.8m wide blanket; 1.8m bed can choose 2m wide blanket.

  4. Thickness

  No matter who uses the blanket, its thickness should be moderate, the blanket is too thick too big, very difficult to clean, and too thin and can not keep warm. In winter, you should use a double thickness blanket, while in air-conditioned rooms, a single layer of double-sided wool can be used in late spring or early autumn.

  In addition, after purchasing a blanket, it is important to maintain it on a daily basis, especially to avoid mould and insects.

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